EO Fibertech is proud to present the new Flashbox MX. This uniquely designed throw-down breakout box is used to allow productions that have adopted the Tyco MX4 Mini Expanded Beam Connector and other multiple strand connectors to streamline their tactical fiber workflow.

Using Flashbox you will maximize your MX TAC 4 Fiber connectivity with these easily deployable MX4 passive breakout throw-down boxes. Gain simple access to individual fibers when using multiple strand MX Expanded Beam Connectors and TAC 4 fiber. Turn TAC 4 into a trunk line with the ability to adapt to other types of typical broadcast fiber connectors.

Flashbox Uses:
• Field Fiber Junction Box
• Field Fiber Connectivity Conversion
• Tap & Drop
• Easy access to additional unused fiber strands
• Easily mix and match fiber connectivity
• Easily Deployable
• Makes fiber runs more efficient
• Use less fiber for multiple fiber runs
• Weatherproof
Create your own custom variation using any of
the below connector options:
• MX4 Mini Expanded Beam - 4 Fiber
• MX2 Mini Expanded Beam - 2 Fiber
• OpticalCON DUO
• OpticalCON QUAD
• ST, LC & SC Connectors